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Lift Kit

I have a 97 chevy s10 pickup V6 and want to put a lift on it with new tires. The problem is that I have no idea what to do, how to do and where to do it. I am new to this and I'd like to hear some advice. Any pointers and suggestions would be awesome. Thank you. Well, I have the answer here. SITUATIONS lift kit on his or truck is a very detailed and extensive installation. Most kits come with very good instructions. However, this rapid view is any elevation of 4 or more in. And a lot of truck requires 3 inches across the front suspension can be removed and the front axle and a new bottom bracket will be installed between the fram and parties withdrew really big lifts also require you to add new parts also lower geomitry direction to maintain the same or as close to it as possible. The back can be a little simpler in the fact that you simply deal with the leaf springs but no bolts leaf spring can be a real big pain to get UOT espesally if tap into the sleeve inside the witch cap have a tendency to do espesally on an old vehicle. Now this is by no means a reason for not doing the work yourself. By all means go for it. With a little help you'll be fine. A normal system can have a good weekend to do unless you have done a lott of them. The best place to make an elevator is a place that has an elevator. But if that is'nt avalible then any driveway or garage work with a floor jack and jackstands any safty first. My congratulations to you for wanting to do their own work. Go for it and good luck if you need advice or have any problems please email me. I'll walk you through it.

This video shows the features and benefits as well as the brief look at the steps needed to install the ReadyLIFT Off Road Suspension Stage March 5 cm. .

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Suspension Kit

Please do not shoot me for asking. I'm just starting to build my knowledge of the car, and nobody, nobody in my family really know anything about cars. Most of you probably have [had] a father who would play with his car all weekend, and you can ask anything. I do not have that. . So I started with a basic question. How does it work, where does it go, what kind of car can be installed. . ? Thanks for your feedback. After looking around, I learned – Good question, Celeste. A suspension kit is usually a kit you buy that firms up the springs you have, the higher up than it is car, floor or lower than is standard. It can also add suspension components, such as shocks, lifting wedges (rubber parts wedge shaped to fit the coils of the springs and tighten up). When you say suspension kit, usually that means a kit that adds or changes the basic suspension on your car, but not usually repair components for suspension; in other words, does not intend to fix something that is broken on his suspension. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any questions you want, and I'm sure we will do our best to make the explanations are clear and simple as possible. Have a nice day.

Tree Straps friendly strings and slit EXPED for extremely fast and easy hammock hanging.

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Dodge Cummins

I am planning to buy this vehicle and want a second opinion. I made sure that is not a block of 53. I was happy to learn … Dylan is biased, I like all the trucks, but I have had several trucks, my father owned a F150 and Silverado, my friend has a ram, and have owned two Durangos. It has a cummins, you have a winner right there. Cummins is the most reliable diesel engine market and is the strongest. The interior of the Dodge to be on par with other cars of the time, so do not listen to that crap cheap plastic. I have a 2001 Durango and the interior is fine, in fact I love it. That truck should have heated seats, heads up display power everything, etc. It is a 6 speed will be an absolute blast. Let me level the playing field so that you know that is not biased Dodge: Bad transmissions, and ball joints. But this truck as a 6 speed, so you do not have to worry about, and bearings are cheap to collect and market the latest accessories that are supposed too. Early models rust along the wheel wells: This does not seem to rust. The black color on these are terrible (i know) – but this has white Chevy paint: (silverado) brake lines brake lines brake pipes, can I say that again? My two friends have all Silverado and brake lines are rusted out, there is a suite of comprehensive law on this line check. Power steering pumps: These go like crazy in these even new: Ford: Not much bad to say about ford honestly. . . Only if you get a truck with 7. 3L diesel, I guarantee having transmission problems. My friend had a F350 for a short time transmission terribly changed, I finally broke down, but after he sold it to another man (a trans solution $ 4,000) So each brand has its problems. I was not going to buy a particular brand? No. Prefer a more cummins power stroke or Duramax? HE11 other. Especially with the speed 6. Would buy this truck? Probably not. I'd have to think long and hard about buying a 2wd truck with that big engine torque, especially in the winter. And especially in Minneapolis. If it was 4wd, I would buy it in a heartbeat. If you can cope with the truck 2WD in the snow and then go for it. Pile on some sandbags and some snow tires. So do not expect it to be that truck you see on you tube barreling through 3 feet of snow or mud. Because it will not. Hope that helps and I'm sorry it's such a long statement breath lol.

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